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History of Remsen

Remsen was named for Dr. Remsen Smith, a pioneer Sioux City physician who became an extensive landowner in the area.

Remsen was platted by the Iowa Falls and Sioux City Railroad Town Land and Lot Company August 28th, 1876, and was incorporated in the spring of 1889. The in 1885 was given at 650, of which 400 were American born.

Remsen was settled by mostly Luxembourg immigrants. Plagued by religious persecution, unwelcome Prussian military conscription and economic limitations, the early immigrants left their native land to start a new life in the land of opportunity now called Remsen.

Remsen citizens retained their Luxembourg traditions of deep religious faith, and loyal, energetic, hard working, and fun loving style. At the same time they contributed to their share in the building and development of America and were quick to respond whenever Uncle Sam called on his citizens for a service, always eager to do something for the land which gave them the opportunity to raise their families as free and independent American citizens.

These early independent settlers , with their German neighbors (along with a sprinkling of Irish and Scandinavians) developed this area into one of the most beautiful and prosperous areas in the state of Iowa.

A little bit of Luxembourg is still evident at mealtime in some Remsen homes. Treipen, blood sausage, Luxembourg apple cake, and Luxembourg Quetchen Fluet (Plum Pie), and many other foods from the 'Old Country" are still served on occasion.

Each year the Remsen Oktoberfest celebrates Remsen's Heritage with a fine fare of Luxembourger food and "Old Country" entertainment and celebration.

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